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THE TIN MAN To Take The Road To Windsor Again.

The plan has always been to start THE TIN MAN off at Windsor yet again and that is where he will be heading on Monday for The Leisure Stakes for the third time.

He did his last piece of work this morning and Geoffrey his rider, this year, was very happy with him.  Today was the first time we have been able to work him on The Limekilns this year due to them being either to firm or too soft

THE TIN MAN 13.5.19

.  They were perfect for him and Geoffrey said he felt a different horse galloping on the turf than the all weathers.  He absolutely loves being on the turf and you can judge how well he is much better than you can on the all weathers.

We are looking forward to getting Monday out of the way and then concentrating on the rest of the season which will basically be much the same as the past four seasons.  I think when THE TIN MAN gets on a horsebox he knows exactly where he is heading depending on the time of year.