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Although we had to abort THE TIN MAN cantering on Warren Hill due to the foul weather Pegasus Stables opened its doors for all to see.  THE TIN MAN was very popular as was MASTER ARCHER his next door neighbour.  Several of the horses got quite upset with the visitors and had to have their top doors shut but not THE TIN MAN and MASTER ARCHER who had their heads out enjoying the attention.  THE TIN MAN has never got upset about anything and the bigger the occasion the more enjoys himself.  Emily Smith from took some lovely photos and one of him especially.

Unfortunately the weather was not at all good but we had a good number of people who braved it to come and see the yard.  We have opened up every year since the Newmarket Open day was started and we get some people who come year after year and it is always nice to see them.  We had a competition to guess THE TIN MAN’S weight which is 515 and young Freddy Player won that and will be coming for breakfast next year with his family.  He is very welcome to come this year but everything is slowing down a bit.  I wonder if he will allow his other two brothers to come also.