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We are delighted that the vets in Chantilly has given ARCHER’S DREAM the green light to come home.  Her scan showed a torn muscle which she possibly did coming out of the stalls.  She was very lame after the race and could barely get on a horsebox but today she looked much more at ease.  She had been going so well at home prior to her run in the Prix de L’Abbaye and we were so excited at running her but you never know with horses what is going to happen. We have sent her to France twice and both times she root nasty injuries.  We now have to work out how we are going to get her home ASAP.

ARCHERS DREAM having her lunch at the Chantilly vets

ARCHER’S DREAM at the Chantilly Veterinary Hospital

We sent BLUE ARTEMIS to Redcar for her first run and it was the day they had returned to having only two pushers from four behind a horse when going into the stalls.  She was very stubborn and refused to go in.  Today she passed her stalls test at Newmarket so we can now start looking for races again.  She has done well in the last couple of weeks so it might not have been a disaster as it was a really filthy day to start a fillies Racing career.

BLUE ARTEMIS nearside joining up on the Al Bahathri