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A Very Popular Winner

After 661 days off the racetrack SOCIETY PRINCE repaid all his patient owners with the gutsiest of wins.  Having been struck into on Warren Hill canter early in 2018 it has been a long journey to get SOCIETY PRINCE back on the course.  He sustained a nasty injury when the horse behind him struck into him.  He had to be operated on and then it was just time and waiting.  Finally on July 1st we were able to start cantering him.  He is such an enthusiast that he was so thrilled to be back on the heath and equally so to be back on the racecourse on Tuesday.

Watching him is like watching his dad SOCIETY ROCK who was also trained at Pegasus and who is  great loss to the breeding industry.  Unfortunately SOCIETY PRINCE cannot help there as doesn’t quite have his sires ability and he doesn’t have an equipment havong been gelded early on his career.

Since the race he has been so full of himself and quite handful.  He is strutting around the yard as if he is a very important person, which of course he is.  I dont think it will be long before he is racing again.