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Weekly Catchup 1st April 2019

We had our second FRED ARCHER MORNING of the year last Friday and what a wonderful morning we had.  As well as seeing most of the horses out on the heath doing their exercise everyone had a lovely time wandering round the yard talking to the girls and boys who look after their horses.  It is also a good time to meet up with partners in other horses. There is always a lot of chatting and catching up over coffe and cakes that goes on round the kitchen table afterwards. The weather was fantastic which makes such a difference.

At long last James has given me some race dates for some of the FRED ARCHER RACING horses. It seems such an long time since we were discusssing entries.

‘It sounds as if the Doncaster meeting on Fri 26th and 27th might be busy for FAR. ARCHER’S DREAM may have her first race there on the 26th. Her mother BADR AL BADOOR, who raced for the yard, had her first race there also but as a two year old and won. She is a half sister to the very good sprinter Profitable. ARCHERS DREAM was never going to be that forward and never ran at two. James really likes this family and early on in his career he trained BLOMBERG to win The Diomed Stakes on Derby Day at Epsom and he was a brother to this fillies grandmother.  If the ground looks as if it is going to be firm he may run her on the all weather a few days earlier.

Archers Dream

THE PINTO KID and SPANISH ARCHER may run the following evening at Doncaster. Both have done well over the winter. I am hoping that we will be able to run SPANISH ARCHER without his hood this year.  He has not had it on for nearly a month t home and he has been laid back and good without it.  I think THE TIN MAN had his first race at this meeting in 2015.  It was a terrible evening as the weather was cold wet and very miserable made much worse by the fact here was this horse we told all his partners was a very nice horse virtually tailed off.  Unfortunately for him he showed far too much interest in the fillies in the stable yard and in the race and very little interest in racing so we decided to geld him asap which was the making of him.  We will have no scenarios like that with either THE PINTO KID or SPANISH ARCHER as they had that little operation quite a while ago.

Spanish Archer working on the Al Bahathri

The Pinto Kid

Another horse who looks a lot stronger this year is dear old MASTER ARCHER who had nine consecutive seconds on the flat before winning two races at Chester.  We had hoped to get him in The Chester Cup but it looks unlikely as we may not be able to get a run into him beforehand and with a rating of 90 it doesn’t look as if he will get in.  He will get an entry but is more like;y to run in the consolation race.

I am not sure what the plans are for EXCELLED but she won’t need too much faster work she looks stronger this year and looks good in her everyday work.

LORD GEORGE was very disappointing in his last race but has had a long break so we hope he will show the same sort of form when he returns to,run in All Weather Marathon Championship on Good Friday at Lingfield. Last year he was beaten a nose.  He runs lots of great races in defeat which is quite frustrating  he ran a great race over a mile and a half at Lingfield in January and then ran badly in his next race when we tried to make it on him over two miles.  He looks in excellent form at home and we hope he can reproduce last years run.

THE TIN MAN is just doing his everyday canters at the moment.  The likelihood is that he will start off in The Leisure Stakes at Windsor again before hopefully getting him to Ascot again for The Diamond Jubilee.  He won’t do my faster work for a few weeks yet.

All the FRED ARCHER RACING horses look very well and we are pleased with the way they are going.  SOCIETY PRINCE who has had a year off after being struck into cantering looks fantastic and so much stronger and mature.  He is the spitting image of his Dad SOCIETY ROCK who was also trained here and Lao has exactly the same character. He is now trotting until the middle of April when he can start cantering gain.  His partners have been so patient and deserve to now have some fun with him. Hopefully he will pay everyone back handsomely.

We have three two year olds.  Two look quite forward.  The Invincible Spirit filly out of French Friend called PENPAL and the Charm Spirit colt called TURN ON THE CHARM.  Both are going nicely at this stage.  PENPAL is quite small which is probably why we were able to afford her but she is very athletic nd has grown a bit. TURN ON THE CHARM is a lovely colt who just gets on with his work and is no trouble.  We have also been fortunate to be able to lease the Frankel filly out 0f RIBBONS called TILLY FRANKL who like her mother will need time.