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How Our Syndicates Work






Be part of a club

The partners have the opportunity to meet and discuss their horses among themselves and with their trainer James Fanshawe as well as other senior members of staff from Pegasus Stables.

You are welcome to visit your horse(s) during stable hours and with prior notice. The last Fridays of each month are set aside for our Fred Archer Racing Mornings where you can meet up with other members from the various syndicates and at the same time have something to eat and a cup of coffee or tea.

Well informed

You will get weekly updates via email and Jacko Fanshawe, who runs FAR, is always available to talk to you on the telephone.

Each partnership has its own distinct name, e.g. Fred Archer – Ormonde. We choose names of successful horses ridden by the great Fred Archer.

Each one has its own bank account with Weatherby’s and any surplus money from monthly charges, prize money or sales of the horse will be shared equally at the end of the partnership.

Fair and transparent

The purchase price of our nine horses have varied in price from £2,500 and up to £12,000 for a 10% share. The gross monthly costs are £360.

We do not charge a management fee.  The only extras are a set fee for  administration costs.

A unique experience

Each shareholder is entitled to one owners badge when their horse runs and we do our best to accommodate for extra badges if they are needed.

You are welcome to visit your horse(s) during stable hours and with prior notice. Breakfast will be available on our Fred Archer Racing Mornings prior to going out on the heath to see your horse(s) do their exercise.